Writers of Queens: Mark Lane

Mark Lane

Mark Lane of Little Neck has a long-time passion with the written word.

He takes his life’s observations and experiences from home and work and transforms them into humorous anecdotes and short tales that blend in some fiction.

He enjoys “turning the real into the surreal,” with endings that often have an Alfred Hitchcock style twist.

“My style? It’s just my personality coming out. I’m more reserved in person,” he said. “Writing really gives me a venue to display my imagination.”

When it comes to his comedic pieces, Lane talked about the various comedians he has seen throughout his 63 years. Their style and humor have left an impact on him and his writing.

“ I loved most of the stand-up comics over the years, seeing just about every name from Rodney Dangerfield, Billy Crystal, Robert Klein, Jerry Seinfeld, Howie Mandel, too many to list,” he said. “Actually, one stands out in my mind, Steven Wright. I liked the humor you need to think about for a second, plus his deadpan way of delivering.”

Lane has lived in Little Neck his whole life and began writing as a teenager. Back then, he used to put together stories using his friends as the participants. His main form of writing though was in a letter format.

“On vacations, I used to write humorous lengthy letters to friends describing my traveling and what and where I was visiting,” Lane said. “My wife saved some old letters I used to write her when we were just friends and she was just another person I wrote to.”

Married for 28 years with one daughter, Lane managed a family pharmacy for years and now works for a national sales and marketing company in supermarkets. Writing gives him an outlet for the various occurrences in his day-to-day life. Lane said he often writes on social sites dedicated to creative writers like him.

“These are short pieces I write. These social sites mostly for baby boomers have really given me a great way to share my writing,” Lane said. “I’m on every day, enjoying the responses I get and befriending folks online who have been so encouraging over the years.”