Work From Grover Cleveland To Be Featured At MoMA

Student work from a Ridgewood high school will be featured at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Kids from Grover Cleveland High School are working on a database that will be placed in the American wing at the popular art museum in Manhattan.

The project is part of the school’s academy of information technology, which prepares students for tech-related careers like programming, database administration and digital networking.

Andrew Woodbridge, a teacher at Grover Cleveland and coordinator of the program, said the students will improve on a number of areas as a result of the project, including their interviewing and interaction skills.

“The end result is these students are going to be proficient at building databases, making presentations, interviewing and eventually working with clients once they go into the business world,” he said.

The students have interviewed with officials and toured the museum itself to help them plan for the database and determine what should go into it.

“They worked on the project in groups and it taught them how to depend on one another to develop what is really a very sophisticated project,” Woodbridge said.