Wonder or Blunder?

Why travel to Egypt to marvel at the Great Pyramids or travel to Greece to admire the Colossus of Rhodes when you can simply swipe your MetroCard?

According to Mayor Bill de Blasio, there’s a new world wonder in town.

Last week, at an event honoring transit heroes, de Blasio praised the City’s transit agency, even declaring the MTA’s transit system as a real contender for the honorific of “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

“We often hear different things around the world described as the ‘eighth wonder of the world.’ It’s one of the great overused phrases,” de Blasio reportedly said. “But with the MTA, we may have found a candidate worthy for the title. It really may be the eighth wonder of the world.”

De Blasio went on to highlight at the size of the system, which carries millions of New York riders every day.

We here at QConf think de Blasio may be giving the MTA a little too much credit. With the number of times service is interrupted on Queens lines, they may need to call it the “Eighth Blunder of the World.”