Willets A Cause For Concern

To The Editor:

In regards to “Willets Point Businesses Await Resolution” (Queens Tribune, March 2-12), in a City Council in which the majority of its members qualify as mediocre, Councilmember Julissa Fererras (D-East Elmhurst) stands at the head of the class. It will be remembered she was the prime mover in the farce that not only resulted in approving a 1.4-million-square-foot shopping mall at Citi Field without park alienation approval and without a ULURP, but to add insult to injury, approved a raid by multibillionaires Mets, Related Companies and Sterling Equities, on the City Treasury, to the tune of millions of taxpayer dollars to wit: the giveaway of Willets Point Property that cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, for $1, that is right $1; a subsidy of $99 million and a tax break of close to $50 million.

In what is world-class gall, Ms. Ferreras recently patted herself on the back claiming she was the cause of the creation of a $15.5 million fund towards relocation assistance to the Willets Point small businesses being evicted. In the face of the hundreds of millions of dollars she delivered to her billionaire constituents, the $15.5 million she is so proud of, is akin to the tip one gives the youngster who delivered your groceries. Ms. Ferreras, in my opinion, needs a refresher course in mathematics and her abandonment of the little people and the small business.

Until the public wakes up and drives out of office people who parade as responsible legislators when in fact they act as lobbyists for real estate moguls, it will be the same old, same old.

Benjamin M. Haber,