Wi-Fi Coming to LIC

To ensure the City grows as a global hub of technology and innovation, Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to a leave a tech-savvy legacy behind, by launching free public wireless networks in certain parts of the five boroughs, in collaboration with the New York City Economic Development Corporation.

One of the 10 commercial districts chosen is the warehouse-turned-tech-savvy-hub of Queens, Long Island City.

In addition to the launch of free public networks, WiredNYC will spearhead a program that consists of a rating  platform that evaluates the broadband connectivity and infrastructure of office buildings.

The program will create a “LEED for broadband’ certification to give businesses information about a building’s connectivity. It also  allows landlords to better market a building’s positives.

Long Island City Partnership, along with GOWEX, will install Smart Points to the corridors of Queens Plaza, Jackson Avenue and Vernon Boulevard.

The first informational session will be held on Oct. 16 from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Munducatis Rustica. For more  information, email Dana Frankel at

We at QConf are excited to see Queens on the map of the Smart Points initiative. With our newly-launched, revamped website (make sure to check out, the Wi-Fi initiative means that more folks will be able to check out our site wherever they are!