Whitestone’s Pointless Pylon

pointless_pythonIt’s very convenient when an incident as dumbfounding as this falls right onto the QConf doorstep.

Last Friday afternoon, a pair of 109th Precinct officers placed a traffic cone withpolice tape on the corner of Clintonville Street and 14th Road in Whitestone, blocking off traffic heading north on Clintonville.

They quickly sped away, leaving the lonely cone for more than 20 minutes. Being that this is New York, the majority of drivers ignored the cone and drove into oncoming traffic, since there was no sign of any reason to block the road.

As confused motorists jammed up the corner, it seemed that this unmanned cone was causing more dangerous situations than it may have hoped to avoid.

Eventually, an NYPD emergency vehicle arrived to handle the reason for this mysterious obstruction.

A cable had come loose over the sidewalk on the east side of the road, which caused pedestrians to limbo their way up the path.

Before even finishing their work on the cable, the seemingly pointless pylon was removed, allowing traffic to now get jammed up behind the emergency vehicle.

Perhaps the cone should have been placed on the sidewalk, or even nowhere at all for that matter.

Either way, bang up job NYPD.