When Will They Learn?

To The Editor:

Last week, bipartisanship made an appearance in congress. Republicans and Democrats voted overwhelmingly (383-33) to form a commission devoted to building a Women’s History Museum on the National Mall. Among the 33 opposed is Michelle Bachmann. Why? She believes it would “enshrine the radical left feminist movement,” she continues – “the current legislation lacks the necessary safeguards to ensure it will not become a shrine to abortion.”

Bye bye crazy lady. Go try on dresses with your husband. Meanwhile, religious fanatics say no one can change God’s laws. When did “God” write these laws he speaks of? Was it when Jesus was born? Or when Noah built the ark? Was it when he created the universe, 6,000 years ago? Did he revise any of his laws while innocent children were being molested by pedophile priests? Was an amendment added to these laws to protect the “filth” and assist in transferring them (without punishment) to different parishes to continue their abuse?

When I was young, there came a time to cast aside “Mother Goose”, “Grimm’s Fairytales” and “Hans Cristian Andersen”. When will “intelligent” people add the bible to the pile?

And finally, how do Republicans do it? How do they win elections? According to a recent poll, only 6 percent of likely voters think Congress is doing a good job. Only 14 percent think it’s passed any legislation that will improve their lives. Obama put it best: “nothing works because Republicans are willing to say no to everything, filibustering close to 500 pieces of legislation that would help the middle class”. Yet experts predict that in the November elections the GOP will clean up, which is ironic considering all the actual cleaning up of America is done by Democrats. How can people still vote Republican? 71 percent of Americans want minimum wage increases, 88 percent want background checks for gun purchases, 90 percent want an “equal pay” law for women. Republicans are against all of it.

So how do they win? They employ a complex multifaceted technique political scientists refer to as “cheating.” Gerrymandering districts, voter I.D. laws, purging voter rolls, shortening voting periods, eliminating same day registration. “They’re anti-women, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-environment and anti-education.” Who said that? Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, ex-GOP member, and now anti-Republican.

Robert LaRosa,