What You Need To Apply For College

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High school juniors and seniors looking at colleges should be well prepared when submitting applications to all of the universities that they hope to attend.

Each university has slightly different requirements for accepting students and college hopefuls should be mindful of that when considering where they will apply.

There are several requirements for applying to universities like Queens College, including submitting your SAT/ACT scores.

There are several requirements for applying to universities like Queens College, including submitting your SAT/ACT scores.

For example, you can apply to Queens College by filling out the CUNY application form that allows you to apply up to six CUNY colleges at the same time.

Besides filling out obvious information like your name and address, you must also provide a CUNY school like Queens College, with information about your high school, including where you went and what kind of diploma you will receive. Additional information, like any special recognition or awards you may have received, should also be included with your application.

After choosing which colleges you would like to apply to, and paying the required $65 application fee, you must also submit all supporting documents after applying online or through postal mail.

The supporting documents include sending in your high school transcript, your SAT/ACT scores (or GED score if you took that exam), all letters of recommendation and personal essays. Only some CUNY schools require an essay as part of the application, but all students are encouraged to send that letter in as a way to enhance their applications.

Vincent Angrisani, the executive director for Enrollment Management and Admissions Services at Queens College, said the most common mistake he sees when students are applying at a university like Queens College is not enough information is given on their application.

For example, he said some have left results of their test scores off of their application, which makes it difficult to consider them for the college if there is missing information. If you have taken both the SAT and the ACT, Angrisani encourages students to include all of that information.

“We’ll take what ever is the highest of either of those scores,” he said.

Angrisani said they look for students who graded highly in five core subjects: English, math, social studies, science and foreign language, in addition to the test scores.

He recommended that high school juniors keep their grades up during their senior year. While it is not the most important factor, Angrisani said they do take into consideration how a student has done during their senior year compared to their earlier years in high school.

Angrisani also advised students, whether they are interested in attending Queens College or any other university, to visit the campuses of the schools they intend on applying for. He said this gives prospective students a close-up view of what each college campus is like and what they offer compared to other universities.

Other non-CUNY schools have slightly different requirements for how they accept students.

At DeVry University, which has a campus in Rego Park and several others in New York, you must be interviewed by one of their admissions advisors to discuss what they would like to do at the school, as well as making sure they meet their basic requirements, like age. As is the case with colleges like DeVry, you must have a high school diploma or a GED to be eligible to enroll in the university.

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