What Will Liu Do?

Pop quiz, hot shot: You’re a well-liked public servant whose last run for office didn’t end well. You still feel like you can contribute to Queens. What do you do?

Comptroller Liu JohnThat’s a question a lot of people are asking about former City Comptroller John Liu. And with the Borough gearing up for another Primary season, the what ifs are out in full force.

Last week, one source close to the Democratic party told QConf that Liu would challenge State Senator Toby Stavisky.

The next day, another prominent Queens Democrat said yes, Liu’s running for the State Senate, but he’ll be challenging new IDC member Tony Avella.

Right now, it seems like all anyone can agree on is that, yes, Liu is running.

Now that Leroy Comrie has finally confirmed that he is running for Malcolm Smith‘s State Senate seat, we’re sure that all eyes will be on the former Flushing Councilman.

So John, what will you do?