Well That Was Awkward

A workshop discussing the QueensWay last week produced an awkward moment during the presentation.

As last week’s presentation began, Adam Lubinsky, representing WXY Studio, one of the companies involved in designing the proposed pedestrian path, introduced Neil Giannelli, a staffer for State Senator Joe Addabbo, as representing the senator at last Wednesday’s meeting in Richmond Hill.

Giannelli created No Way Queens Way, a neighborhood group consisting of residents living on 98th Street in Woodhaven who are opposed to both creating the QueensWay and reviving the LIRR line that used to run along the vacant land.

He has been attending the workshops as a representative of his neighborhood, not on Addabbo’s behalf.

So when Lubinsky introduced him as the Senator’s rep, he launched into a rant in front of everyone in attendance, accusing the presenters of mentioning that on purpose.

“It’s not enough that they’re looking to destroy my property values, the safety of my children and jobs for Ozone Park, but now they want to [expletive] me over with my boss,” Giannelli said, as the audience looked on confused.

Despite Lubinsky immediately apologizing, the rant created an awkward moment for what otherwise was a lively but friendly discussion about the proposed QueensWay.

When asked about the incident afterwards, Giannelli said while he may have overreacted, his job with the Senator is to help people as much as he can and he does not want his personal views to interfere with that.