Wealth Redistributed In The Wrong Direction

To The Editor:

If Mr. Ed Konecnik is not careful, he will dislocate his shoulder due to his non-stop personal back slapping. Somehow his description of what to him is “Freedom” is more akin to Greedom.

Mr. Konecnik is constantly decrying the redistribution of his wealth to the lazy, unmotivated, lying in their hammock smoking food stamp cigars, retired and partying on with their unemployment pittance. And yes Mr. Konecnik; you are accurate about the redistribution of wealth but with a slight caveat. During Eisenhower’s presidency, whom I voted for, the disparity between the workers pay and that of the owner was 30 to 1. It is now greater than 300 to one. Wealth has indeed been redistributed. It has been redistributed from the middle class worker to the coffers of his wealthy employer; 10 times greater than it had been in the ’60s.

Nicholas Zizelis,