We Know How To Tip

weknowhowtotipIf you’ve been ordering takeout here in the Borough, chances are you’ve got some good karma coming your way.

According to data compiled by the online food delivery site GrubHub, Queens eaters are among the best delivery tippers in the City – especially generous neighborhoods include Sunnyside (ranking fourth in the City), Flushing (ranking eighth) and Astoria (fifteenth).

Queens itself is the second-best tipping borough, leaving an average 14.9 percent on the tab and beat out by Brooklyn by only one-tenth of a percent.

When the food is as good as it is in our Borough, it only makes sense that hungry residents would want to show their appreciation to the intrepid deliverymen and women bringing it to their doorsteps.

Some of the City’s wealthiest neighborhoods also turn out to be – perhaps not coincidentally – full of Scrooges. The richest portion of the Upper East Side doesn’t even rank in the top 20, to which we here at QConf can only say, “no soup for you!”