Vision Zero Off Target?

To The Editor:

De Blasio with his Vision Zero plan wants to totally eradicate traffic fatalities in the City. While he is at it, why not say he will cure cancer as well. To think this is remotely possible is lunacy. Should traffic deaths be reduced? Of course they should but pronouncements like these followed by his reported escapades with his driver running stop signs is not the answer.

Instead, do what you can to reduce them with the following steps:

Rein in the daredevil motorized bike riders. Not only do they run red lights and stop signs but they ride in the wrong direction and even drive on the sidewalk and on pedestrian footbridges. The tickets should start flying here.

Start ticketing pedestrians who seem to have a death wish. They routinely walk against the light into oncoming traffic totally oblivious to their surroundings as they are texting or talking on their cell or listening to music. They do not even bother looking in the direction of oncoming traffic. Start ticketing these jokers as well.

Stiffen penalties for DWI/DUI drivers. The easiest way to kill someone and get away with it is running them down. Mandatory jail sentence for those infractions that cause death.

Common sense is needed and not more high-sounding speeches that do nothing to solve the problem.

William Mc Quade,
Rego Park