Vandals Target Vallone

Not even a few slashed tires can keep Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. from attending a career day.

Vallone's tiresVallone was all set to speak to students at PS 70 on Nov. 13 – something that has become a regular tradition for the Councilman – when he discovered that the tires on his car had been slashed.

After consulting with his auto body shop, Vallone was told his tires were in fact slashed with a knife.

With video cameras watching the area outside his house from a previous incident, Vallone was hoping to catch the vandals. The Councilman, a prolific Facebook poster, took to social media to warn those who would do harm to his property.

“Hey punk who slashed my tires, perhaps you missed the video cameras on my house? i’ll be SEEing you soon.”

The cameras, unfortunately, didn’t catch the perps. The story does have one happy ending, though. Despite the flat tires, Vallone was able to borrow a car from his parents and make it on time to speak at career day.