Using Social Media To Plan Your Wedding

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Nowadays, it seems like everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. While they are great tools for keeping in touch with friends and keeping up to date with all the latest news, it turns out social media can also come in handy while planning your wedding.

Perhaps one of the most popular social media platforms that brides-to-be use to plan their weddings is Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual discovery tool that helps users collect ideas for their different projects and interests by putting them all in one place. Its unique properties make Pinterest cyber ‘boards’ perfect for women who want to experiment with different themes and browse through the Pinterest boards of other brides for inspiration.

Brides-to-be are using social media more and more often to help plan their big day, through apps like Pininterest, Instagram and Facebook. Photo by Jared Smith

Brides-to-be are using social media more and more often to help plan their big day, through apps like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. Photo by Jared Smith

Brides no longer have to visit dozens of bridal stores or even leave their house to discover what they would like to see at their dream wedding. When using Pinterest’s search bar, users can type in key phrases such as “wedding dress” or “wedding bouquets.” Often times, these search terms will yield tens of thousands of results for users to browse through, making it easier to find styles that suit every bride’s taste.

“I used Pinterest for ideas,” said Forest Hills resident Jillia Weinberger, who married in April of last year. “Nothing really inspired me [to use it]. I was just was looking for easy help. They [social media tools] were helpful for what I needed them for. I think social media is just good to help you manage different things and get ideas from other people.”

For those budget-conscious brides and grooms, Pinterest can also be a great tool to search for do-it-yourself projects. Whether you are looking for a bridesmaid gift that does not burn a hole in your wallet, or you are looking to get creative with your wedding bouquet and table centerpieces, Pinterest has got you covered.

Though not as popular as Pinterest, brides are also using Instagram to gather ideas for their fairytale wedding. Hundreds of thousands of wedding dress vendors, flower vendors, cake vendors and even wedding venues are using Instagram to showcase their product, making it simple for brides and grooms to figure out what types of things they would like to see at their wedding.

Instagram, like Pinterest, has a convenient search tool, making it easy for brides to type in key phrases. While many of the users are simply searching for ideas, Instagram can be used as a way to shop online, connecting vendors to clients all around the globe. It is not uncommon that, while searching for ideas, a bride stumbles upon the wedding dress of her dreams and reaches out to the vendor.

Much like Pinterest, more and more people are using Facebook to plan their weddings. According to, a popular wedding planning website, 49 percent of brides who have social media accounts use Facebook to keep in touch with and browse through vendors. One in three brides/grooms similarly use Facebook to set up events like bachelor(ette) parties, bridal showers and engagement parties.

Adhering to the ‘social wedding’ trend, more and more brides are also using the Facebook app Weddingbook. With this app, which can also be downloaded for free in Apple’s app store or the Google’s Play Store, members can create and manage their wedding details, invite friends to join their wedding profile, designate friends in the wedding party to facilitate communication and even create wedding playlists and registries. All the wedding-related information, including status updates, are then packaged into a custom wedding profile that friends can follow, sharing in the excitement about the big day.

It comes as no surprise that in this digital era, ‘social weddings’ are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are looking for inspiration, staying connected to your friends in the wedding party or making purchases for the big day, social media platforms are great, free tools for brides and grooms to utilize for the big day.

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