Underpasses To Be Cleaned More Frequently

After continued pressure by Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley, the State Dept. of Transportation has committed to better maintain the underpasses below the Long Island Expressway on 74th Street and 80th Street in Maspeth. The underpasses, which are marred by pigeon nesting and excrement, will be included in Bridge Washing Contract XM13.02, D262466, which was re-let on May 22. Under the contract, the underpasses will be washed every three months.

“These underpasses are used by pedestrians going everywhere from P.S. 58 and Maspeth High School, to Elmhurst Park and the shops on Grand Avenue,” Crowley said. “This chronic pigeon nesting is a serious public health concern, and I am glad to see DOT taking the appropriate steps.”

The bridge washing contract was originally let in February 2014, but there was only one bidder, so DOT decided to re-let the contract.

News of the new contract came in response to a letter sent by Crowley to the DOT in August 2013, requesting that DOT take additional steps to address sanitation at the underpasses. The first scheduled cleaning under the new contract will happen this July. In 2011, Crowley also worked with DOT to install bird spikes to deter pigeons from the underpasses.