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  1. karen

    This is true, I heard of people who stayed in a hotel for over 30 days, and the landlord had to take them to Landlord and Tenant court to evict them when they no longer paid. They were considered tenants now and not tourists.
    These homeless should demand a lease.

  2. jas5555


    You present a very interesting conundrum for DHS. Make the hotels permanent residential homes and reduce the homeless population or continue to illegally house homeless for extended periods of time in hotels and keep the kingdom growing.

    DHS and the Unemployment office are 2 government agencies that should be constantly finding ways to eliminating the suffering of the groups they serve. These are 2 organizations through their successes that should be constantly trying to shrink their presence. I guess my Utopian view is out of place when it seems that DHS wants to increase the size of their kingdom.

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