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  1. georgetheatheist

    Nice that you many times referred to the bridges with their original Queens names: Queensboro and Triborough and not that crap shoved down our throats; the Ed Koch Alte Faygeleh Bridge and the RFK Horseface Bridge. (Although you did slip up at times.) HANDS OFF QUEENS BRIDGES!!! Why don’t you start a campaign to re-re-name the bridges to their original Queens-oriented monikers?
    Maybe there’d be less need for toll increases if their were less people in this city. When are you going to advocate for this? On a scale of 1-10, this broadcast gets a 6.5. Still too much hee-hawing and guffawing. Your comments are still quite often inaudible and/or incomprehensible. PS When are you going to get an African-American editorial staff member? All the Best, GtheA (One of the 15 or less listeners.)

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