Time To Work Things Out

Once again, a dispute between a company and the union that represents its workers is causing havoc with the lives of hundreds of workers who relied on the job to put food on their tables. The recent firing of 250 UPS workers after a protest is a reminder that even with the protection of a union, both sides must maintain an agreement in order to conduct business continuously.

As is frequently the case in union disputes, both sides feel they are in the right, and both sides believe the other violated the terms of their contract. Regardless of the cause of the dispute, and even which side is in the right, the ongoing battle can do irreparable harm to both sides: the workers miss out on their regular paychecks while the firing undoubtedly harms UPS from a public relations perspective.

It is important both for the Maspeth facility and the workers who have lost their jobs that both sides sit down and iron out an agreement. We hope that both sides walk in to a negotiation in good faith and can realize that sometimes concessions need to be made. Standing firm to your own agenda can be admirable, but it can also ruin any chance for reconciliation.

We hope that UPS and the workers represented by Local 804 can come to an agreement soon, as this situation has likely already gone on long enough.