Time To Speak Out On Egypt

Dear Mr. President:

As the crisis in Egypt continues to escalate, I and many of the constituents I represent in my Assembly District are deeply troubled over the rise of anti-Christian persecution in said country. A recent hate campaign initiated by Islamists in Cairo included the torching and looting of a Franciscan school. Three nuns were paraded through the streets, humiliated and harassed. Two other women employed by the school were sexually abused as they fought for their lives against the angry mob.

Unfortunately, this is but one incident among countless others throughout the region as churches, businesses, and homes owned by the Coptic Christian minority are continuously under attack from supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood retaliating against the military’s removal of President Mohammed Morsi.

We in the Jewish community know all too well the destructive power of unrelenting intolerance and hate. As a Jew just one generation removed from the Holocaust, I am reminded of the infamous night in 1938, Kristallnacht. The Nazis conducted a coordinated pogrom against German and Austrian Jews. Synagogues, businesses, hospitals, and schools were ransacked and 30,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps. While much of the civilized World including the United States condemned these actions, they stood still as Hitler and his regime were allowed to amass global influence leading to the extermination of six million Jews and hundreds of thousands of homosexuals, Gypsies and handicapped.

We must not remain silent!

History is once again repeating itself. The Coptic Christians of Egypt are facing their own Kristallnacht 75 years after the Jews of Germany and Austria. As the leader of the free world, you must take a strong position against this bloodshed. These extremists are intent on promoting an agenda of religious subjugation and disregarding the rule of law. Even if one were to believe that the Muslim Brotherhood came to power democratically as Adolph Hitler did, we must also remember that democracy Without respect for all its citizens is mob rule. The United States must stand With the Coptic Christians and send a clear message to the World that those who Wish to exercise their beliefs  can do so without fear.

Assemblyman Michael Simanòwitz

Editor’s Note: This letter was sent from Assemblyman Simanowitz to President Barack Obama.