Time To Come Together

President Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act has become one of the country’s most divisive issues, shutting down the Federal government over the last three weeks and leading to a potential fiscal crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

The particulars of the law have been debated from the halls of Congress to the Supreme Court and back. Regardless of opinions, however, portions of the law have gone into effect this month, as millions of people have started the process of searching for an insurance provider through the Healthcare Marketplace that opened Oct. 1.

How much longer will voters allow these entitled “leaders” to act like petulant children before they have had enough? Americans are not better-served by a Congress that refuses to work together. We need our elected officials to put their personal feelings aside and serve the interests of their constituents, not their own.

It’s unfortunate that mid-term Congressional elections are not held this year. Such an unpopular action as the government shutdown would never happen so close to putting Congressional seats up for grabs.

The Tribune hopes this issue answers some questions and provides a guide as we move forward, enacting a law on which only history can be the final judge.