Think Of The Children

Too often, reports come out of a fatal accident involving an out-of-control automobile striking a pedestrian. Even more heart-wrenching is when that pedestrian is a child or teenager struck down well before their time.

As is the case with a number of issues, the City is frequently reactive when it comes to combating pedestrian deaths, jumping in to help only after it has become a problem. But when it comes to keeping its citizens safe, there is no excuse for not being proactive, creating more Slow Zones, installing more traffic signs and cameras and finding any possible measure to keep drivers under control.

Families should never have to suffer the loss of someone because of a speeding car or an unattentive driver. With a new administration ready to take office in the coming months, we hope that our officials start to take a proactive stance on the issue, and hopefully in the coming year we can see less senseless death.