Thefts Increase In The 107th, 109th Precincts

Staff Writer

While many felonies have continued to drop throughout the first two months of 2014, some crimes have seen a shocking spike in northeast Queens.

Both the 107th and the 109th precincts have seen their numbers increase in one or more of the major felony categories that deal with thefts, such as robbery, grand larceny or grand larceny auto.

In the 107th precinct, the biggest problem has been with robberies. When compared to 2013, the year-to-date statistics show an increase from 19 robberies by Feb. 9 last year to 27 for the same period this year, a 42 percent jump. Unfortunately, it looks like the numbers are not reversing. During the week of Feb. 3 to Feb. 9, robberies spiked by 250 percent, with seven taking place rather than the two robberies during that week in 2013. The last 28 days have seen a 92 percent increase when compared the same days last year.

The 109th precinct may be seeing a 43 percent drop in robberies for the year-to-date, but grand larcenies and grand larceny autos are up. During 2013, there were 74 grand larcenies by this point in the precinct, a number that has gone up by around 51 percent to 112 crimes in the same category. Grand larceny autos have increased by 19 percent for the year to date, with a huge boost coming in the past 28 day period. During that time, there were 22 GLAs, 144 percent more than the nine that took place for the same timespan in 2013.

The total amount of felonies for the 107th precinct is still down for the year to date by nearly five percent, thanks to drops in burglaries, felony assaults and murders. The 109th has not been as lucky though, as it has seen a nearly 15 percent boost in felonies for the year to date. The drops in the number of rapes, robberies and burglaries have not large enough to offset the other crimes that went up.

Aida Vernon, the president of the Briarwood Action Network, said she was concerned about the crime increase in the 107th, though she was confident the police would get the problem back under control.

“It’s certainly worrisome to hear there’s an uptick. One chronic problem there is car vandalism. I was aware of an uptick of robberies towards the end of 2013,” she said. “We would expect our local elected representatives and police will deploy the necessary resources. We will continue to meet with both.”

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