The Devolving State Of America

To The Editor:

Ed Konecnik either is unaware or chooses to ignore what’s going on in America. Our nation’s problems were caused by Wall Street and big corps, not as he suggests, the “overbearing government.”

The government haters have no compunction using government when they need to – Ayn Rand took welfare when she was dying of cancer, as did her disciple Paul Ryan when his father died. They are the ultimate hypocrites. Big money gets more welfare than the poor, but don’t refer to it as welfare as it applies to them. As a diversionary tactic, it is easier to blame the victims than the perpetrators. Our government is representative of the 1 percent, not the 99 percent. Yes, America has the potential for being the best country, but instead of continuing to evolve, for the past several decades, it has been devolving.

The mettle of a society is best judged not by what it does for those who have much, but by what it does for those who have little. I has been said, “a society that is not concerned with the welfare and happiness of its people, has no reason to exist.”

Joe Brooks,