The DEP’s Water Meter Ruse

To The Editor:

Let me describe the latest ruse put forth by a city agency, particular, the DEP, which controls and oversees water usage and bills of residential and commercial space in New York City. New water meters were installed in apartments and commercial establishments this year, in particular, on October 10, 2013 in my condominium building on Austin Street, Forest Hills. However, prior to this, the DEP kindly provided online access to customers who want to check water and sewer usage for specified periods of time, i.e., day, week, month, etc. The Austin Street building’s account showed that water and sewer usage had mysteriously jumped by about 36 percent in the third quarter ended Sept. 2013, compared to third quarter ended Sept. 2012. This bump-up occurred before the new meters were installed.

Since October 10, 2013, when our condo’s new meters were installed, our online account data showed another increase in both water and sewer usage and charges for residential units and a decrease in sewer usage/charges for the commercial spaces on the premises. The DEP no doubt would counter that the new meters more accurately read water usage. The plumber we called to service our building and other buildings in the Forest Hills area reported that these buildings have unaccounted, significant increases in their water bills.

Dorothy Phillips,
Forest Hills