Terrible Tea Partiers

To The Editor:

In your Jan. 16 Tribune letters, Mr. La Rosa was right on. The Obsrublican Party has blocked and/or sabotaged every proposal, initiative or request put forward by the Democratic Party regardless of the damage incurred by our country. This they have done in their rabid desire to recapture the Presidency as they have the House of Representatives and the majority in the Supreme Court. Point in fact, by defunding the Benghazi embassy security; it was made impossible to protect it against the infamous attack to come. This allowed them to shift the blame to the democratically-selected U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Country be damned; Party first!

The present Republican (Tea-Tainted) Party is a dismal regurgitation of the once proud GOP; the Grand Old Party which coincided with the end of the Eisenhower Presidency.

Nicholas Zizelis,