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  1. Joe

    This location is actually in Elmhurst. As someone who has lived in Elmhurst practically all my life it really pisses me off when I see businesses in Elmhurst’s north end try to brand themselves as being in Jackson Heights and even lying about their address to do so. I realize Jackson Heights is a trendier neighborhood. If you walk down 82nd St north of Roosevelt Ave(the part of 82nd St that is in Jackson Heights) you see the GAP, Banana Republic, Carter’s Babies and other trendy stores but if you walk down 82nd St south of Roosevelt Ave(the part of 82nd St that is in Elmhurst) you see places to get your eyebrows tweezed, 99 cent stores, bodegas, a botanica that sells religious statues and of course the abandoned movie theater. No offense to these stores but I guess the trendy stores don’t want to be in this part of Elmhurst unless they can brand it as Jackson Heights. That is such a disservice to the people of Elmhurst. I have even seen a politician come to Elmhurst and give a speech saying “Look at all these people. How can the Census Bureau undercount Jackson Heights?” Perhaps it was because the people lived in Elmhurst. I once saw a concert in Elmhurst’s Dunningham Triangle in which a musician said into the microphone “My favorite part of New York City is Jackson Heights.” I am sure he honestly thought he was in Jackson Heights but it makes me feel like a second class citizen because I am from Elmhurst. We need to brand Elmhurst’s north end better so we can be proud of our own neighborhood instead of the neighborhood next door to us.

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