Talks With A Side of Fries

Following the McDonald’s controversy in Flushing last month, there is more trouble cooking at another Queens fast food establishment.

Staffers from Assemblyman David Weprin’s office recently visited the Richmond Hill Burger King at Liberty Avenue and 120th Street, to attempt to discuss seniors who like to keep away from the cold weather.

The Assemblyman is hoping to make a deal, similar to the “McCompromise” Assemblyman Ron Kim made at the Flushing McDonalds, with the southern Queens Burger King that would allow the seniors to stay inside the location when it is not busy.

At the Community Board 9 meeting last week, a Weprin staffer said two of his aids visited the location, attempting to discuss the situation. The restaurant’s manager was not available to speak when they visited, according to the staffer.

We certainly hope this can be resolved before it becomes a Whopper of a situation like what occurred in Flushing. We’re sure both parties would like to have it their way, but we see no reason why another McResolution can’t be reached.