Taking A Shot At Mr. Met?

We imagine it must not be easy being Mr. Met.

He’s an icon for a bumbling baseball club that can barely attract fans from its home Borough.

Not to mention that wearing that costume during the dog days of summer must be grueling.

But we never thought that Mr. Met would be threatened by the Secret Service.

According to a new book about sports mascots, the Amazin’s affable mascot was told by secret service to stay away from President Bill Clinton when the former leader of the free world visited Shea Stadium in 1997.

Because of his massive head, Mr. Met was unable to go through security. The mascot was told to do his routine as he normally would, but to stay away from Bubba at all costs.

“Approach the president, and we go for the kill shot. Are we clear?”

We can’t imagine too many sports mascots can say they were threatened by federal agents via sniper. We can’t imagine many who would want to say that, either.

Although, given the current fortunes of Queens’ baseball club, perhaps a sniper shot would have been a mercy killing.