The Devolving State Of America

To The Editor: Ed Konecnik either is unaware or chooses to ignore what’s going on in America. Our nation’s problems were caused by Wall Street and big corps, not as he suggests, the “overbearing government.” The government haters have no compunction using government when they need to – Ayn Rand took welfare when she was dying […]

Getting Back On Track

With all the talk about the Queens Library and the compensation its CEO, Thomas Galante, receives, it is important to not lose sight of all the good the Queens Library system does throughout the Borough. The 62 branches of the library provide much more than just books, movies and music to the more than two […]

Fed Prez: Queens Economy Looking Up

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer While speaking to Queens College students and faculty on Nov. 18, William Dudley, President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, delivered encouraging news about the state of the Queens economy. According to Dudley, New York City as a whole just experienced a summer full of solid […]

Sayonara New York City

To the Editor: In view of the election of Bill de Blasio as Mayor of New York City,  I have one suggestion for all the municipal labor unions who endorsed this moribund Liberal: strike on January 1, 2014 on the expired labor contracts, and see what happens? Armed with the Taylor Law, a Leninist-inspired totalitarian […]

2013 ELECTIONS: Comptroller

Stringer, Burnett Hope To Serve City Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer won the Democratic Primary for the City Comptroller race, ending the hopes of a political comeback for former governor Elliot Spitzer. Stringer now faces Republican John Burnett in Tuesday’s General Election, as they compete to replace the current Comptroller, John Liu. With a workforce […]