What You Need To Apply For College

BY LUIS GRONDA Staff Writer High school juniors and seniors looking at colleges should be well prepared when submitting applications to all of the universities that they hope to attend. Each university has slightly different requirements for accepting students and college hopefuls should be mindful of that when considering where they will apply. For example, […]

Musicians Of Queens: Annika

Musicians Of Queens: Annika

Although Annika may be only 16 years old, her songs prove that she has a soul that is wise beyond her years. Her songwriting has the distinct sound of a veteran too, simple yet powerful, with most of the weight being carried by her voice and acoustic guitar. Given that she has been playing music […]

Nassau DA Kathleen Rice Running For Congress

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer Nassau County’s district attorney has put her name in the ring for retiring U.S. Rep. Carolyn McCarthy’s (D-Garden City) seat, a part of which is in Queens. Kathleen Rice, the DA for Nassau County since 2005, announced her bid for the seat on Jan. 30, less than a month after […]