Elected Officials Call For Immigration Reform

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer Elected officials and civic leaders came together in Flushing to demand comprehensive immigration reform, not next year, not eventually, but right now. U.S. Rep. Steve Israel (D-Melville) was joined by civic leaders and elected officials from northeast Queens to call for a vote in the House of Representatives on immigration […]

Smith’s Request For Postponed Trial Denied

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer A federal court judge has denied embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith’s (D-Hollis) request to push back his trial until after September’s Democratic Primary. Last month, Smith’s defense attorney, Gerald Shargel, asked the Hon. Kenneth Karas to delay the trial so that Smith could have a “fair election.” Karas however denied […]

Queens Republicans Protest Gov. Cuomo’s Comments

BY LUIS GRONDA Staff Writer A group of Queens Republicans gathered on Tuesday to condemn comments by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, which they called “hate speech.” The Queens Village Republican Club called on Gov. Cuomo to apologize and retract statements he made earlier this week about Republicans not belonging in New York. The Governor has come […]

A Take On Christie’s Bridgegate

To The Editor: Well, there it is, plain as day. The difference between a president like Obama who tries to work with Republicans while they spit in his face. And a Republican presidential wannabe who punishes the people that don’t vote for him. Hey Chris Christie, see that puff of smoke in the distance? It’s […]

Merry Christmas to the Unemployed

To The Editor: Congress has just recessed without extending the unemployment insurance for those who need extended assistance. Happy Holidays from the Republicans who see them as “takers”. Now those needing extended benefits have to stressfully penny-pinch through the holidays for fear of not getting any more benefit checks even though they and their companies […]

Congress Out Of Line

To The Editor: Eric Cantor wants Congress to work just 113 days in 2014. Out of 261 business days in a year. That comes out to about two days a week. Meanwhile, some people have to work two and three jobs just to pay bills. Congressmen don’t actually have to “work” to earn a living. […]

Disengaged Leader

To The Editor: Do you believe that the attack on Benghazi resulting in four American deaths was prompted by a video? Do you still believe you can keep your doctor and your health plan? Will Lois Lerner at the IRS ever be held responsible for her actions? Do you believe the president was never informed […]

Time To Move Forward After Gov’t. Shutdown

To The Editor: It is long overdue, but the federal government is open and the debt ceiling is raised. This is a welcome development for our country, but the damage caused is irreversible and was completely unnecessary. Without repealing, delaying, or defunding the Affordable Care Act, reasonable elected officials were able to avert a crisis […]

Blame Both Sides

To The Editor: In the Oct. 3-9 issue, there was a letter from Tyler Cassell relaying his experiences of receiving emails mocking President Obama and Democrats, and his claims of having left speechless acquaintances when defending policies of this administration. Tyler, I have news for you.   I’ve had the same experiences. There are readers, such […]

Israel: Time For Vote To End Shutdown

To the Editor: There’s a lot of blame and finger pointing for the recent federal government shutdown. Today I’m offering a common-sense solution. Originally, House Republicans in the majority offered a resolution to temporarily continue governing operations. It had two conditions: Fund the government at a level that many Democrats felt was insufficient; and defund […]