Jamaica Hospital: A History Of Helping

Jamaica Hospital: A History Of Helping

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer Since it was first established in 1891, before Queens County was even a part of the City of New York, Jamaica Hospital’s mission has been to provide the best possible treatment for patients. This is especially true over the last few decades, as the hospital underwent major transformations. Led by […]

Queens Library, City Comptroller In Court

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer The Queens Library saga continues. This week, in an interview with the Queens Tribune, City Comptroller Scott Stringer revealed that his case against Queens Library has made its way to court and that he is confident there will be a ruling in his favor. The news comes just two weeks […]

ATU, Electeds Rally For Transit Improvements

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer In honor of National Transit Month, on May 16, Amalgamated Transit Union workers and community leaders rallied together in an effort to engage with riders in support of better and safer public transportation. The press conference, held at the corner of Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue in Jamaica, sought to […]

Long Island Aquarium For New Adventures

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer Located in Riverhead, the Long Island Aquarium is a sure way to enjoy all that New York has to offer this summer. Themed around “The Lost City of Atlantis,” it offers children and parents alike informative entertainment with its breathtaking exhibits and rare adventures. Founded 15 years ago, the Long […]

Forest Park Carousel

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer One sure way to go out and enjoy all that Queens has to offer this summer is to visit the Forest Park Carousel, a landmark designation in New York City that is not only rich with history, but also rich with fun. The carousel, nestled within 544 acres of Forest […]

Data Shows Decline In Stop And Frisk Stops

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer While data from the NYPD shows that Stop and Frisk stops have dropped nearly 86 percent from last year, it also shows that this quarter’s numbers have gone up slightly from the final three months of Bloomberg’s administration. The statistics also reveal that the racial breakdown of stops involving minorities […]

Tensions Rise At MVB, B-Tech Meeting

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer Emotions were running high at last week’s Martin Van Buren High School and B-Tech School implementation meeting, with local advocates vocalizing their frustrations with the forced co-location. Despite protests from the community, in March the Dept. of Education voted to move the six-year business technology school into Martin Van Buren […]

Queens Library, Comptroller Continue To Clash

Queens Library, Comptroller Continue To Clash

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer On the evening of May 8, the Queens Library board of trustees voted to reject a resolution that would require the nonprofit to fully comply with an audit by City Comptroller Scott Stringer, further fueling tensions between the two. According to reports, members of the 19-person board failed to pass […]

Nonprofit Lends Seniors A Helping Hand

BY NATALIA KOZIKOWSKA Staff Writer Since 1972, the nonprofit Jamaica Service Program for Older Adults has been enhancing the quality of life for seniors in the community by offering a number useful services at a low cost or for free. “Forty-one years ago, there were not the number of programs that are available to seniors […]