Councilman Protests NYCHA Policy

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer A City Councilman has expressed his frustration with a New York City Housing Authority policy called right sizing. Right sizing is the process of making sure that NYCHA residents are living in an apartment that is not under-utilized or over-utilized. These rooms can be declared as such if there are […]

Finkelpearl Named Cultural Affairs Commish

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer Mayor Bill de Blasio has added Tom Finkelpearl’s name to the list of open commissioner positions he is filling. On April 7, the Mayor announced the appointment of Finkelpearl as the City’s new Commissioner of the Dept. of Cultural Affairs. Finkelpearl is the executive director of the Queens Museum, the […]

Armenian Genocide Survivors Tell Their Stories

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer Nearly a century ago, the Armenian Genocide took place, causing the deaths of between one million and one-and-a-half million Armenians. Now, 99 years later, two of the survivors shared their stories. At the New York Armenian Home for the Aged in Flushing, two women who have reached the milestone of […]

State Kills InBloom Student Data Storage

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer The State’s controversial plan to upload student data to an online cloud storage system has hit a dead end. The State Education Dept. confirmed last week that it killed its plan to store student data in a digital cloud created by InBloom, a nonprofit funded by the Gates Foundation. The […]

Koo Introduces Hepatitis Prevention Legislation

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer A Queens councilman is working with two of his colleagues to increase efforts to identify and prevent the spread of Hepatitis in New York City. Councilmembers Peter Koo (D-Flushing), Margaret Chin (D-Manhattan) and Corey Johnson (D-Manhattan) introduced legislation towards the end of March that would require the Dept. of Health […]

Major Homes Gives Back To Community

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer When it comes to helping out their neighbors in Queens, Major Homes offers a unique service for those stuck in a bad situation. For the last decade, Major Homes’ owner Mitch Kersch and his son, Jason, have dedicated some of their time to free renovations and construction projects for families […]

State Budget Helps Businesses

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer An agreement has been reached on the 2014-15 State budget, which will offer relief and incentives to businesses and homeowners. The State Legislature passed the budget in the evening of March 31, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo signing it into law just before midnight the same day. The deadline for passing […]

Botanical Garden Holds Orchid Exhibit

BY JOE MARVILLI Staff Writer The Queens Botanical Garden will kick off both its opening weekend and the World’s Fair Anniversary season with a special flower exhibit. “Taiwan: A World of Orchids” will be presented in partnership with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office. Starting on April 5, the display will feature an array of […]