Some TV Time For Queens

A new FOX sitcom coming in 2015 shines the spotlight on Queens. It won’t be all that flattering a light, though. The comedy, which centers on a group of four friends living in Ridgewood, is called “Weird Loners.” The network  describes the new show as the story of “four single 30-something underdogs who are unexpectedly […]

Smith Looking Ahead

Looks like embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith has already set aside the dates for his 10th Annual Jump and Ball Basketball Tournament this August. Only problem? Mr. Smith will likely still be on trial in August, if not behind bars. While we here at QConf can’t help but wonder where Smith finds the time to […]

What Will Liu Do?

Pop quiz, hot shot: You’re a well-liked public servant whose last run for office didn’t end well. You still feel like you can contribute to Queens. What do you do? That’s a question a lot of people are asking about former City Comptroller John Liu. And with the Borough gearing up for another Primary season, […]

A Sign of Quick Thinking

Murphy’s Law struck Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras this Friday during a street co-naming ceremony for veteran Anthony “Tony” Caminiti, a Corona native and lifelong community advocate. After a program of warm remarks from members of the Corona community remembering the man and his service to the community, Ferreras gathered with Caminiti’s friends and family to unveil […]

No Mets Love In Queens

A recently-published interactive fan map, put together by Facebook and the New York Times, has us here at QConf wondering one thing – where the Mets fans at? According to the Times study, the Yankees dominated in fandom against their New York counterparts, the Mets. The map, which used data from Facebook profiles all over […]

Waking From A Nightmare?

Queens’ elected officials show up in the weirdest places. Last week, eagle-eyed viewers could catch some prominent Southeast Queens officials on FOX. During last week’s episode of “Kitchen Nightmare,” which focused on Kati Allo Greek restaurant in Auburndale, viewers caught glimpses of Councilman Ruben Wills and Deputy Borough President Leroy Comrie, along with his wife, […]

High School of Horrors?

When it comes to picking a high school for their kids, one location sits head and shoulders below the competition. According to statistics by the Dept. of Education, August Martin High School in Springfield Gardens is the least popular in all of New York City. With the City’s open-enrollment system, students in middle school can […]

They’re Not Horsing Around

Ironically, the same people who are fighting to protect the New York City horses against animal abuse by banning horse carriages are now urging the Mayor to kick some [human] ass. While Bill de Blasio was making a guest appearance on the Hot 97’s popular Morning Show, host Peter Rosenberg had the opportunity to ask […]

Above The Law?

We all know that New York City politicians get some pretty sweet perks – one of which is getting to park almost anywhere consequence and ticket-free, even if it means you’re endangering the lives  of constituents. Last week, Deputy Borough President Leroy Comrie was on his way to attend a press gathering about the trash […]

So Long, Soccer!

The long debate and hand-wringing over where a new Major League Soccer franchise will play seems to be over. MLS officials announced earlier this week that the New York City Football Club will play three seasons worth of games at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, not in a new stadium at Flushing Meadows Corona Park. […]