Hate The Game

Former Councilman Daniel Halloran has become a regular guest on our weekly QConf page, and he continues to make himself worthy of the ink. He took the witness stand to defend himself last week, during his corruption trial in White Plains Federal Court and unsurprisingly did not help his case. He compared the City political […]

Cops Horsing Around

It seems the 114th Precinct in Astoria is going old school with their patrol. QConf spotted this horse and cop pair out for a trot on Steinway Street last week. They have since been seen hoofing it up parallel residential streets, apparently just keeping an eye (or four) on the neighborhood. The policeman himself seems […]

Pesky Critters Causing Trouble

If you tried to call our offices earlier this week, you may have had trouble getting through. Nature seems to have gotten the best of technology this week. Telecom giant Verizon reported an outage in our area on Monday, affecting close to 100 customers. The culprit: Squirrels. It seems the furry little critters had chewed […]

Whitestone’s Pointless Pylon

It’s very convenient when an incident as dumbfounding as this falls right onto the QConf doorstep. Last Friday afternoon, a pair of 109th Precinct officers placed a traffic cone withpolice tape on the corner of Clintonville Street and 14th Road in Whitestone, blocking off traffic heading north on Clintonville. They quickly sped away, leaving the […]

An ‘Amazing’ Coincidence?

It turns out that there is a Parker family living at 20 Ingram Street both in the comicsand real life. In the well-known comic book series, Peter Parker, or Spider Man in his super hero persona, lives on the Forest Hills street with his Aunt May. In what is a prime example of life imitating […]

Don’t Annoy The Judge

Growing up as a child, nothing can be more frustrating than when your siblings get in trouble and they tell your parents that you did the same thing. No parent falls for that, nor does it get the original perpetrator out of the original crime. White Plains Federal Judge Kenneth Karas did not fall for […]

We Know How To Tip

If you’ve been ordering takeout here in the Borough, chances are you’ve got some good karma coming your way. According to data compiled by the online food delivery site GrubHub, Queens eaters are among the best delivery tippers in the City – especially generous neighborhoods include Sunnyside (ranking fourth in the City), Flushing (ranking eighth) […]

Police Work Made Easy

Crime is not something that should be taken lightly in our city, but we here at QConf cannot help ourselves when the perpetrators make it this easy. Kareem Mohammed, 22, of Ozone Park robbed a clerk at gun point at the Sleep Inn Hotel on Liberty Avenue in Jamaica on May 23. Mohammed was arrested […]

‘Baby Vanel’ Looking For Signatures

You never know what kind of email you’ll get during an election cycle. Take, for example, this email from Clyde Vanel, who is looking for assistance in obtaining signatures to get on the ballot to run against State Sen. Malcolm Smith in the 14th State Senate District Primary: “Baby Vanel is praying for your assistance. […]

No Slowing Down At Slow Zone

Despite fanfare over the new arterial slow zone along Queens Boulevard – aka the Boulevard of Death, where 23 people have died since 2008 – it turns out zero actual reforms will hit the speed limit on the rough thoroughfare. While a handful of Queens streets will have their speed limits lowered from 30 miles […]