Progress Is Progress

To The Editor: I dread the upcoming 2014 mid-term election should it reflect the disastrous 2010 election, which voted into power the “Do-nothing Congress” of the Regressive Party, setting our country back in time. This was all due to those overconfident no-show Democrats. Shame on them sitting on their lazy butts. However, let us look forward […]

Wealth Redistributed In The Wrong Direction

To The Editor: If Mr. Ed Konecnik is not careful, he will dislocate his shoulder due to his non-stop personal back slapping. Somehow his description of what to him is “Freedom” is more akin to Greedom. Mr. Konecnik is constantly decrying the redistribution of his wealth to the lazy, unmotivated, lying in their hammock smoking […]

Terrible Tea Partiers

To The Editor: In your Jan. 16 Tribune letters, Mr. La Rosa was right on. The Obsrublican Party has blocked and/or sabotaged every proposal, initiative or request put forward by the Democratic Party regardless of the damage incurred by our country. This they have done in their rabid desire to recapture the Presidency as they […]