Wealthy Are Not The Enemy

To The Editor: Politically correct speech has corrupted our language to the point that sometimes we no longer know what we are talking about. Descriptive characterizations no longer correspond to reality. Consider the following: people who entered our country illegally are labeled “undocumented immigrants” and “Social Security” is now called an “entitlement,” even though the […]

Too Much Faith In The Government?

To The Editor: The premise of the liberal progressive collectivist ideal is that man is selfish and uncharitable and must be guided by a group of enlightened well intentioned omniscient benefactors. To liberals, everything is an issue of money. Their guiding principle is that the government knows best and that we should just hand over […]

The Devolving State Of America

To The Editor: Ed Konecnik either is unaware or chooses to ignore what’s going on in America. Our nation’s problems were caused by Wall Street and big corps, not as he suggests, the “overbearing government.” The government haters have no compunction using government when they need to – Ayn Rand took welfare when she was dying […]

What Is Considered American?

To The Editor: There is a movement gaining momentum because of frustration over an intrusive overbearing federal government and its obsession with multiculturalism. It is called secession and there are movements to secede from the United States in Texas, Colorado, Maryland, northern California, Washington State and Oregon. This trend should prompt us to think about […]

Wealth Redistributed In The Wrong Direction

To The Editor: If Mr. Ed Konecnik is not careful, he will dislocate his shoulder due to his non-stop personal back slapping. Somehow his description of what to him is “Freedom” is more akin to Greedom. Mr. Konecnik is constantly decrying the redistribution of his wealth to the lazy, unmotivated, lying in their hammock smoking […]

The Hypocrisy of Denouncing Inequality

To The Editor: During every election cycle our leaders conjure up conditions they claim are ruining our republic and can only be rectified with more laws, regulations, fees and taxes. According to the progressive establishment, the most serious threat to our society at the moment is “inequality.” It is common knowledge that humans are not […]

A Poverty Of Spirit In America

To The Editor: Our leaders with their laws, regulations and executive orders mandating the “greater good” are dismantling the Constitution and nullifying the Bill of Rights. Successful wealthy persons are labeled greedy “one percenters,” “rich” is equated with evil and the term “individualist” has become synonymous with “sociopath” or selfish. An overzealous compassion has created […]

Disengaged Leader

To The Editor: Do you believe that the attack on Benghazi resulting in four American deaths was prompted by a video? Do you still believe you can keep your doctor and your health plan? Will Lois Lerner at the IRS ever be held responsible for her actions? Do you believe the president was never informed […]