Society Has Called Fort Home For 50 Years

BY JORDAN GIBBONS Staff Writer Fort Totten was originally built during the Civil War to protect the East River approach to New York Harbor. Now, its Officers’ Club, also known as The Castle, is home to the Bayside Historical Society. The historical society celebrated its 50th anniversary this year and currently features an exhibit about […]

100 Years Later, Tombstones For Civil War Vets

“It was a Memorial Day over a century in the making.” That is how Sean Walsh described his holiday weekend, as he was able to bury two of his great grandfathers who fought in the Civil War at the Cemetery of the Evergreens in Ridgewood. Walsh’s great grandfathers, John Charles Walsh and Charles Louis Haniquet, […]

The GOP’s Uncivil War

Endorsements are a pretty common practice during election season, and the script for these events rarely changes. A group decides on a candidate, they hold an event to announce their endorsement, with plenty of photos and enough press to get the word out. Someone forgot to tell the Queens Republican party and GOP candidate for […]