5Pointz Demo May Come This Month

BY JACKIE STRAWBRIDGE Staff Writer Long Island City’s once iconic, now whitewashed, graffiti mecca 5Pointz is approaching its date with the wrecking ball. According to David Wolkoff of G&M Realty, whose family owns the property, demolition of 5Pointz is slated to begin in the next three or four weeks. The building could be completely leveled […]

Nobody’s Home At 5Pointz

The FDNY is knocking but nobody’s home. Long Island City’s former 5Pointz building, a 200,000 square foot factory structure once known as a “graffiti Mecca,” is currently scheduled for demolition so that residential towers can go up in its space. The whitewashing of the building last year caused an uproar from the artists who frequently […]

Life After 5Pointz

Months after a war of words led to white-washed walls and hurt feelings, it looks like the artists who worked at the graffiti Mecca of 5Pointz have found a new place to paint. A number of the artists who had their work displayed on the side of the Long Island City building have moved their […]

5Pointz Twitter War

The white-washed former graffiti mecca continues to be a point of contention for some, as a Twitter confrontation broke out between the artists and a candy company. Last week, Jolly Rancher, the popular hard candy owned by the Hershey Company, tweeted out a bizarre photo of its candy superimposed over the now white-washed 5Pointz building, […]

Artists At It Again

The death last week of former South African president and revolutionary Nelson Mandela quickly became another piece in the ongoing chess match that is the saga of 5Pointz. Last week, the group was looking for a way to express their grief over the loss of Mandela, but they ran into a slight problem – there […]

Wolkoffs Could Pay For Whitewashing 5Pointz

BY TRISHA SAKHUJA Staff Writer The whitewashed walls of the “Graffiti Mecca” at 5Pointz in Long Island City could ultimately result in a hefty bill to the owners of the warehouse for monetary damages. Brooklyn Federal Judge Frederic Block issued a 27-page ruling on Nov. 20, which states, while “the Court wishes it had the […]

Artists Sad As 5Pointz Painted Over

Artists Sad As 5Pointz Painted Over

BY TRISHA SAKHUJA Staff Writer It was a day of grievance for the artists who watched the walls of the “Graffiti Mecca” at 5Pointz painted white during the early hours of Nov. 19. The property’s owner, Jerry Wolkoff, said he decided to paint over the walls of the warehouse between the hours of 3 a.m. […]

Judge Allows Demolition Of 5Pointz

BY TRISHA SAKHUJA Staff Writer As the 14-day temporary restraining order (TRO) came to its final hour on Nov. 12, a Federal Judge issued a brief statement that said he will not grant a permanent injunction to stop the demolition of the “Graffiti Mecca” at 5Pointz in Long Island City. According to Jeannine Chanes, one […]

Say Goodbye To Banksy

Banksy finished his month-long street-art escapades in New York City, what some may call vandalism, with one last tag in Long Island City. Now that Banksy tagged his final farewell graffiti art, we are sure Mayor Michael Bloomberg will sleep happier. The last piece of street art he sketched was his name in white bubble-letters […]

5Pointz Granted An Extended Restraining Order

BY TRISHA SAKHUJA Staff Writer A Federal Judge has extended a restraining order preventing the demolition of the “Graffiti Mecca” at 5Pointz, giving the artists another 14-day win over the proposed development. According to Judge Frederic Block’s ruling on Oct. 28, the temporary restraining order (TRO) will extend through Nov. 12. The federal action, filed […]