Support Small Businesses

To The Editor:

I could not agree more with “Don’t Open On Thanksgiving” (Letter to the Editor by John Amato – Nov. 21-27). Please support small retailers by joining your neighbors on Third Annual National Small Business Saturday, this coming Nov. 30. Do the same as often as possible during the other 364 days a year. Skip the national chain stores annual Black Friday madness, which now starts early Thursday at most large retail stores. Only PC Richards is closed. They allow their employees to stay home with family. Take a pass on Cyber Monday for those who want to shop on the Internet. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal. Get a good night’s sleep and come out and support Small Business by shopping local. In these difficult economic times, it is especially important to patronize your neighborhood businesses. There are so many great options. These people are our neighbors. They work long hours, pay taxes and provide local employment without the support of government subsidies at taxpayers’ expense. If we don’t patronize our local community stores and restaurants to shop and eat, they don’t eat either.
Please join me and your neighbors in continuing to support our Queens Tribune. Patronize their advertisers. This helps keep our neighbors employed and the local economy growing.

Larry Penner,
Great Neck