St. Mary’s Dedicates Educ. Center To BP

Staff Writer

St. Mary’s Hospital dedicated an early education center to one of its biggest supporters: Borough President Helen Marshall.

St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children honored Marshall at a ribbon-cutting and dedication ceremony on Oct. 9. Paying tribute to her commitment to the children of Queens, the hospital opened the Queens Borough President Helen Marshall Early Education Center in her name.

The education center is the only preschool in the City that is designed to serve the needs of children with high levels of medical difficulties. The school takes care of more than 50 students, most who have come from underserved neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs. As these children’s medical conditions are too severe for them to leave St. Mary’s campus, the center offers them a chance to be educated, as well as treated.

At the ceremony, Marshall was joined by former Borough President Claire Shulman, senior principal of the Briarwood Organization Vincent Riso, and St. Mary’s leadership members.

“St. Mary’s is truly a unique institution,” she said. “The childhood education center is the fulfillment of a dream I share with all of you.”

The school is also an integrated classroom, teaching general education students at the same time as those with special needs.

“Educating our children is a critical part of the work we do here at St. Mary’s,” Dr. Eddie Simpser, Interim President and CEO of St. Mary’s, said. “We strive to provide for the holistic care of our children.”

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