Some Real Brave Musicians

To The Editor:

Well, looks like Real Brave Music School has once again provided our Fresh Meadows community with the most outstanding live music performance yet! On May 4, the music school named Real Brave delivered their real Brave Little Musicians as professional would be’s and with the music teachers as backup on stage, added to the glitz of showmanship!

Within the classrooms of Real Brave Music School is the real essence of what the formula of getting through to the students is. The formula is that the Maestro of Real Brave, Dan, used great judgment in selecting the musicians who in turn transcend their love of music into a mentoring and motivating experience for these Real Brave little musicians.  In turn, the teachers are learning patience, communication, nurturing and becoming role models.

This is my seventh year attending these performances and each year the level of professionalism instilled in these children are established in a stress-free, non-competitive arena. I was also raised in music, my dad was a musician/band leader and one thing I remember him saying to me was “Yes, the music industry is competitive, but you are the music you create.” I believe the music teachers in Real Brave get that message across to their students in a fun learning way!

The performance level and learning curve these children are exposed to from music is setting their grounded inner self with creativity, expression, and the freedom and strength to be who they are, whether as musicians, doctors or cooks, these are forever skills for life and coping with it!

Dee Rao Walker,
Fresh Meadows