Smith Tops in Legislation

malcolmIt might not have been a great year overall for embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith, but he seems to have had a successful session in Albany…

Smith, who recently had his trial pushed back so Yiddish conversations could be translated for trial, was among the Top 10 drafters of resolutions adopted by both houses of the Legislature for the 2014 session.

The information was compiled by the New York Public Interest Research Group.

According to NYPIRG, Smith was the only Queens lawmaker to land on the group’s Top 10 Legislators List.

What makes Smith’s feat even more impressive was the fact that it was reported that the Hollis State Senator drafted those resolutions that  were passed while missing more than 100 votes this session.

It’s clearly not easy to vote while preparing for trial.

Smith will no doubt herald the figures as he faces multiple Primary challenges in September, notably from former Councilman Leroy Comrie.