Slow Start For Bill

It looks like the City budget process will get started a little later than usual this year.

With Mayor Bill de Blasio slow to name his full staff, it has pushed back an important process, called “putting the City’s budget together.”

At a recent Community Board 8 meeting, Councilman Rory Lancman said the Mayor asked the City Council if he could let him present his first City budget later than usual while his transition to the new job continues.

The Councilman said his colleagues within the City Council agreed to his request to give him more time to put his team together.

“I think he’s going to be presenting it in February so that will kind of potentially bump the schedule, although the City will still have to have its budget in place,” Lancman said.

He added that meetings that the Community Board would be involved in would probably be pushed back as well.

You might want to quicken the pace a little, Mr. Mayor. Getting the City’s budget late could have ripple effects in Queens and the rest of the City.