Separated At Birth?

Transition periods can sometimes be confusing, and we at QConf found out just how bad it gets while trying to update the annual Blue Book: The Official Guide to Queens. It seems as though there’s still some confusion at Queens Borough Hall over who is doing what.

BarryThe confusion came when we tried to determine what Barry Grodenchik was doing these days.

Grodenchik, who was Deputy Borough President and Director of Community Boards under Helen Marshall, is still working at Borough Hall, according to a staffer, but is not necessarily considered part of Borough President Melinda Katz’s staff.

A call back from Katz’s office asked us to remove Grodenchik as being listed as Director of Community Boards because Katz had only named three staff members, and the Community Boards position was not one of them. The request came despite the fact that Grodenchik is listed on the official application to become a community board member.

Maybe Grondenchik pulled a Costanza, just showed up on Jan. 2 and got to work, with no one being the wiser. After all, the former Deputy Beep bears a resemblance to the iconic “Seinfeld” character…