Separated At Birth

Mardi GrasWhile QConf reporter Joe Marvilli and Paul Graziano take the cake as far as doppelgangers in Queens are concerned, there looks to be another pair that could challenge them for that coveted title.

The resemblance between Assemblyman Mike Miller and deceased WWE manager Paul Bearer is uncanny.

Both usually wear an all-black suit flanked by a black jacket. Miller slicks his hair to the side, like Bearer used to do in his heyday while accompanying the Undertaker or Kane to the squared circle.

The two men also never smile when they have their photo taken, something that has quietly become a Miller

While we don’t see a seven-foot giant traveling with the Assemblyman any time soon, we hope he keeps the Bearer look as it serves as a small reminder of an old-school wrestling manager that isn’t seen as often anymore.

Marvilli and Graziano better watch out as they are coming for the doppelganger title they are so fond of. May we  suggest not getting rid of the hair, maybe they should grow it out even more, and keeping the glasses. That will
further solidify their grip as the Borough’s number one look-alikes.