Seeking Help

Embattled State Sen. Malcolm Smith is reaching out to his supporters for help, but not in his ongoing legal and public perception battles.

With new challengers popping up each week, Smith sent out a campaign email last week with the subject, “Please Help…”

unnamedAs the first filing for the 2014 Senate race approached, Smith put out some last-minute plead to help him reach his goal of $30,000.

“As you know, I have worked very hard and will continue with your help to improve our community, city and state,” the email read.

Just one day after his campaign asked for financial help, the Senator sent out an email promoting his appearance in a documentary on gun control.

Done by a UK filmmaker, a clip of an interview with Smith appears in the trailer for “2nd Amendment.” Smith used the email to promote his work towards ending gun violence, and show off a picture of himself with documentarian James Dann.

Regardless of Smith’s guilt or innocence, he certainly has not stopped putting his name out there.

We wonder how often Smith will send out self-congratulatory emails as his trial for fraud charges approaches.