Sayonara New York City

To the Editor:

In view of the election of Bill de Blasio as Mayor of New York City,  I have one suggestion for all the municipal labor unions who endorsed this moribund Liberal: strike on January 1, 2014 on the expired labor contracts, and see what happens? Armed with the Taylor Law, a Leninist-inspired totalitarian modus operandi to stifle trade unionism, de Blasio will arrest the union leaders, and then grant mediocre salary concessions accompanied with forfeiture of other benefits.

The unions will concede in back-room deals with City Hall, thus maintaining the bourgeois hegemony of the government itself in New York City. Upon raising taxes on the private sector of the upper middle-class bourgeoisie (“the rich”) for his scheme to ameliorate a failed Dept. of Education and socio-economic inequality, if ever approved in Albany, the denizens of Wall Street will pack their luggage and move out of New York City. The result will be the denouement of the “Tale of Two Cities,” and a new “Tale of a Poor City,” inhabited only by the unemployed, unemployables, working and lower middle classes, since the upper bourgeois tax base will say “sayonara” to New York City.

In step with Obama and Cuomo, de Blasio won’t create new wealth as Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations” advocates; he just intends to redistribute existing wealth by pilferage of private property, but in a quasi-Marxist mechanism preserving the class system with himself living as an aristocratic Limousine Liberal in Gracie Mansion.

Joseph N. Manago,