Saving a Quiet Threat?

We must save the beautiful mute swans!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without the white, elegant swans you see at local ponds throughout Queens?

State Sen. Tony Avella, advocate for animal rights, is making sure the Dept. of Environmental Conservation does not eradicate all 2,200 wild mute swans in the state by 2025.

The State wants to declare the swans a “prohibited invasive species,” but Avella is out to the rescue.

He filed a bill on Feb. 10, which requires DEC to demonstrate that actual damage to the environment or other species have been caused by the mute swan population across the State.

“I was horrified to learn that our State wildlife agency would make such an extreme, unfounded proposal, and do not believe that the DEC has provided evidence to justify the elimination of these beautiful swans,” Avella said.

According to Friends of Animals, an animal rights organization rallying support to stop the plan since it was announced in December, DEC tries to justify the eradication by claiming that the swans can cause a variety of problems in spite of their small numbers, which equal to about one half of one percent of all waterfowl in New York.

No one wants to see the mute swans go; after all, they are mute. How much damage can they do?